August 28, 2012

Restaurant Review & Giveaway | Cafe Bella Rue

Are you guys ready? I am so excited to tell you guys all about a new restaurant that I've come across!

In July, Titan and I were able to attend a blogger event at a new local place in Utah called Cafe Bella Rue. We went to the event with my sister and her daughter Lily and I absolutely fell in love with the place.

In fact, Titan and I both loved the place so much that we decided to take a special trip back this last Tuesday so that Broc could try it out as well!

Cafe Bella Rue | Menu
For those of you who aren't familiar with Cafe Bella Rue, they are a cafe located at 11259 Kestrel Rise Rd in South Jordan, UT. Their food is ridiculously yummy and both times I've been there, the service has been awesome as well. Plus, they are kid friendly! (Always, always on the look out for places that are kid friendly & not fast food).

Here is what Cafe Bella Rue has to say about themselves on their site:

"Café Bella Rue embraces the traditions of European cafés where life slows for family and friends to gather to enjoy great food and tasty treats."

I will admit, sometimes I read a restaurants description and I wonder if they have met themselves, or even been in their own restaurant. With Cafe Bella Rue though, what they claim and describe is really exactly what you get. 

This cafe would be the perfect place for a play date, a big family dinner, a girls night out, a date night or really any event you can think of. They are that versatile. 

Plus, their menu has so many yummy options that you wouldn't mind going on Monday for a quick breakfast, Thursday for a play date and then Saturday night for a date night. (You're wallet might start to mind because you are eating out every night, but you sure wouldn't). ;)

Here are some photo's from both our visits & some more info about the cafe:

Grapefruit Water | Love touches like this at a restaurant! 
Cafe Bella Rue | Cousins being silly!
Splash Pad | Located right outside Cafe Bella Rue
Ti and his cousin Lily LOVED the Splash Pad that is just outside Cafe Bella Rue. Their location really is ideal for a play date or lunch out with friends. You can order lunch or grab some gelato and then move to their outdoor tables to enjoy some fun in the sun. Moms can talk and kids can play. Does it get any more perfect than that? 

Plus, on the weekend during the the summer they have FREE outdoor concerts going on in the park right next to their building. And in the winter, they have live music inside. I'm telling you, their location is perfect and they have thought of everything. 

Decisions. Decisions.
Cafe Bella Rue | Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato
The first time we went to Cafe Bella Rue I ordered the raspberry cheesecake gelato and it was ridiculously yummy! (Side note: Did you know that gelato is 80% healthier for you than ice cream?)

Titan and his cousin both really like their gelato! It was the perfect way to end a fun afternoon out. Plus,  they needed a little something to cool them off after all the running they had been doing at the splash pad. 

Cafe Bella Rue | Titan & Broc 
Here we are back again. This time though we made sure to bring Broc! We were told the Maserati and the Ferrari sandwiches were the most popular on the menu and so that what is we ordered. Both sandwiches were amazing! 

Love America's Got Talent. :)

Ti takes testing out our drinks very seriously. Look at that concentration as he tries out their raspberry italian soda. 

We can now say their italian soda's are Titan tested & Titan approved. He gave them a VERY BIG thumbs up! He also really enjoyed their pizza and the Capri Sun drink that he got in his kids meal. 

I personally loved my strawberry italian soda. The raspberry was just ok in my opinion, but the strawberry was ridiculously good. Apparently Titan begs to differ. ;)

My sandwich. Love that is was on artisan flat bread & love how FRESH all the ingredients were. I am not normally a roast beef fan and I ate this entire sandwich and wished there was more! So glad I listened to the girl at the counter who recommended that I not switch out the roast beef for something else. 


Sweet potato fries! We all enjoyed digging into these. I especially enjoyed their take on fry sauce. Very very yummy. Plus, I think it's awesome that they have sweet potato fries and not just regular potato fries. I always thinks it's great when I can get Titan to branch out and eating different things. 

The gelato & sorbetto! I learned while we were there testing out the various flavors (they are more than happy to let you taste a few until you settle on a favorite) that Cafe Bella Rue has the largest selection of italian ice cream in Utah! I'm telling you, they are awesome!  We probably tried 10-15 different flavors and there were only one or two that weren't to my liking. And that was more just personal preference than the actual gelato. 

The second time we went, Ti ordered a flavor called ACE. It's called that because it contains vitamins A, C & E. How great is that? Ti gets a yummy dessert and a healthy dose of vitamins all at the same time. 

The Specials! Do you see their breakfast list? Waffles $2.99? Gelato waffle only $4.99? Not bad pricing at all. I am definitely heading back sometime to try that gelato waffle out. 


 I  love that they have various other specials happening through out the week. For example, Wednesday is Kids Wednesday. Each Wednesday, kids get a FREE meal with any sandwich, dinner salad or whole pizza purchased ALL day long! (Tip: That means if you do decide to go here for play group before the weather turns cold, you will definitely want to go on Wednesday!) :)

Or on Monday they have Mangia Mangia Monday. Mangia Mangia is an italian saying that means Eat Eat! (Can't you just picture an Italian mom who has just finished cooking for her large italian family calling that out?) During this special you can get an awesome deal on pizza and drinks for your entire family. For example, a cheese pizza is only $7.99 and fountain drinks for only $.50 each! Talk about a great excuse to get out of the kitchen and enjoy some family time together on a Monday night!

Lots of yummy drinks and treats to choose from! 

And don't you worry, I made sure to try out the italian sipping chocolate. I mean, cooler weather will soon be upon us, so I figured it was time to start looking ahead and seeing if this place could handle all four seasons or if summer is just their specialty. Once fall hits, I trade in my diet coke for hot chocolate and I take my hot chocolate very seriously. 

So what did I think? I think their italian sipping chocolate is beyond good. In fact, it has quite possibly ruined boxed hot chocolate from the grocery store for me forever. It was that good & so different from most hot chocolates. A lot richer and creamier. (I guess that is why it is called sipping hot chocolate) ;)

All in all, our little family loved this restaurant. It was family friendly. It was clean. The staff was amazing. The food was fresh & super yummy. They have a prime location. And, they are very focused helping each and every customer have a great experience. There are so many restaurants that just want to herd you in and out now. It was definitely nice to find & enjoy a night out out a restaurant/cafe that isn't that way. 


Want to know the BEST news? 

Cafe Bella Rue has given me a $25 Cafe Bella Rue Gift Card to give out to one lucky reader! 
(See told you they were all about making the customer happy!)

So if you are wanting to run out this second and try out their strawberry italian soda... or their delicious sweet potatoes fries... or one of their 34 flavors of gelato... make sure you enter to win!

I'm telling you, if you live in Daybreak you absolutely need to enter & if you live anywhere else in Utah you also need to absolutely enter (it's totally worth the drive) and if you live out of state but will be traveling to Utah, you need to absolutely enter as well. In fact, you need to add them to your travel agenda right now. Not kidding! :) 

Good luck! 

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Special thanks to Cafe Bella Rue for sponsoring this post & the Giveaway. Of course, while this post was sponsored, all opinions are 100% my own. 


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I would get their Italian Sipping Chocolate. Sounds yummy!

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deanna said...

ALL of the soups sound delicious to me!

heather abbe said...

Sweet Potato Fries!

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The Wheeler's said...

I have never been there but there menu looks soooo good. I think the first thing I would try is the Tomato Mozzarella.
Thanks for the great giveaway

Aimee said...

yum! meatball sub!

Jena said...

Tomato Mozzarella On Focaccia Bread sound delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!

Austin Baroudi said...

A strawberry waffle sound pretty good to me right now!

Jackee said...

Caprese Salad would be my must try!
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Amanda said...

Definitely the Classico....yummy!!! By the way....I really like the quote at the top of your blog about happiness.